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Osteopathy is for everyone

Pregnant ladies and treatment for new mums

Postnatal women suffer complaints attributable to mechanical strains acquired during pregnancy and after, due to the complete life changes occurring with little ones around the increased lifting work load.

Pregnancy puts a huge strain on the mother's body, especially the pelvis and low back. Treatment can be given to relieve these strains and reduce back pain.

Most pregnant women find Osteopathic treatment gives relief from other problems with child bearing such head-aches, diaphragmatic pain, etc.

One or two treatments in the final few months of pregnancy may help ensure that the pelvis is working well and make for an easier labour.


The bones of the skull are still separate at birth and are designed to overlap slightly during the birth process. Occasionally these fail to "unfold" completely afterwards which may lead to problems such as irritable/crying babies, poor feeding or bad sleeping habits. This is especially noticed in the cases of prolonged or difficult births, forceps/ventousse deliveries or ceasarian births.

The forces of being born from the uterine contractions etc may cause a tightness within the upper cervical spine of the new born - this tightness in itself may present as feeding difficulties, colic, a 'sicky' baby and irritability, and your Osteopath will be able to explain to you the reasons for this during your visit.

Teething and sudden growth spurts also often upset the development of a growing child and may be a trigger for problems in other areas.

Because of the variety and gentleness of many osteopathic techniques, there is no minimum age for treatment. Some parents bring there baby for a check-up within a few days and others come later when problems start to become apparent.


Teenagers become much more active and take part in many sporting and recreational activities which carry the risk of sprains and strains. Skillful diagnosis and treatment by the osteopath can prevent musculo-skeletal problems developing and allow the body's framework to heal naturally and adjust to the stresses and strains put upon it.

Computer games appear to cause children bad postural habits by often sitting incorrectly when using the computer. This problem is often exacerbated by poor ergonomic set up of home computers.

Carrying heavy overloaded school bags regularly may stress the shoulder girdle. Stresses of extra studying at exam time could also increase the tension through the spine.


As the elderly population increases, the importance of maintaining health and independence for as long as possible is becoming a pressing national concern. Osteopathy can make a key contribution to optimising fitness and improving the quality of life for retired people.

Many of these people accept too readily that their aches and pains are due to ageing and that stoically they must learn to live with them. There are many conditions that can be helped by osteopaths and even if treatment does not provide complete relief, it can maintain mobility in the spine and joints and reduce stiffness and the need for painkillers. Not forgetting of course that, owing to increasing the general health of the body and tissues, osteopathic treatment can also be beneficial to prepare a patient for joint replacement surgery ensuring the patient an improved recovery.




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